Technical Specifications

The following are the technical specifications for the PT-1 pedal set, and it's accessories. 



Overal Height: ~10"

Overal Length: ~11.5" - This changes when pedals are pressed down

Overal Width: ~11.5"

Mounting Holes (Distance between the holes): ~4.5" (front to back)  and 2.63" (left to right)

Mounting Hole Size: Mounting holes are large enough for a 1/4-20 or M6 bolt.



Yellow: 80A Durometer

Black: 70A Durometer

The yellow bushings are the hardest bushings we've offered on a set of pedals. Some people prefer a soft brake pedal, while others prefer a much harder brake pedal. You can use any combination of bushing you like, in order to get the "feel" just right for you. Refer to the "PT2 Adjustments/Calibration" video on our YouTube channel for details on how to adjust the brake without changing the bushings.


Mounting Plate

Width: 13.5"

Depth: 11.75"

Thickness: 0.750" (3/4")

Heel Rest

Width: 13.5"

Depth: ~5"

Thickness: 0.75" (3/4")

NOTE: When the heel rest is attached to the mounting plate, the overall width will change by about 1.5". This is due to the hardware needed to attach them together. 


Industrial Grade Potentiometers

  • Resistance (Ohms) : 100K
  • Power (Watts) : 0.5, 1/2W
  • Tolerance : +/- 10%
  • Number of Turns : Single
  • Rotation : 295 Degrees
  • Adjustment type : Side Adjustment
  • Actuator Type : Slotted Shaft
  • Actuator Diameter : 0.250" (6.35mm)
  • Size - Body :  Square - 0.524" x 0.500" Face x 0.441" L (13.30mm x 12.70mm x 11.20mm)

Industrial Load Cell

  • Rated Load : 50KG
  • Input Resistance (Ohms) : 405 +/- 6
  • Output Resistance (Ohms) : 350 +/- 3
  • Use Temp Range (Celsius): -10 ~ +40
  • Cable Length : 0.42m (extended to reach circuit board)


We use the BU0836-LC circuit board from Leo Bodnar. We've been using Leo's boards for quite awhile now, and we couldn't be happier with it's performance. We've even implemented our own load cell sensitivity adjustment so we can give our users even more freedom to adjust the pedals to their liking.