Production on batch #7 will begin shortly. Once production begins, we’ll post another update.


PT2 Pedal Set

$479 USD + Shipping*

Sold Out

Lead times between batches are typically 6-8 weeks*

*Shipping internationally - $110 (+$5 per added product)

*Shipping to Canada - $60 (+$5 per added product)

*Shipping within the U.S. - $49

*Lead times can fluctuate, depending on many factors



UPDATE - 9/3/18

We will begin production on batch #4 as soon as possible. This new batch will include a new circuit board with higher resolution and EMI protection built right into the board. Batch #4 will not include a brake sensitivity adjustment knob on top of the control box like previous pedal sets, but we will be including instructions on how to adjust the sensitivity on each pedal, once batch #4 has been released. We'll try to provide these instructions in video form. 



We recently released a video that should help all of you with the checkout process