Q: How can I purchase a set of pedals?

A: We produce these pedal sets in batches of 42. Each batch normally takes around 6-8 weeks to produce. Once a batch is released, you can purchase them directly from our "Order" page. 

Q: What forms of payment can I use to purchase your products?

A: The only form of payment we accept is PayPal. You may use a credit card, but it must be used through the PayPal interface.


Q: How did you come up with the idea for these pedals?

A: We took measurements from the G27/G25 sets of pedals, styling queues from a lot of different pedals on the market in 2012, and designed our own unique set of pedals based on all of that information. It started out as a small project and turned into something big!


Q: How long have you been working on these pedals?

A: We started working on them in October of 2013, but the design stage started back in May of 2012.


Q: Did you build these yourself, or do you have a partner?

A: My father and I started the company together, but I've been responsible for the entire building process myself. My father is more of a "silent partner".


Q: What is included with the pedals?

A: Each set of pedals includes one 5mm hex wrench, one 1.5mm hex wrench, one 3/16" hex wrench, one 4mm hex wrench,  and two extra brake bushings (70A durometer polyurethane). These will be shipped inside a small zip-lock bag.


Q: What kind of electronics are you using, and what size load cell do these pedals use?

A: We are using two industrial grade potentiometers, a 50KG load cell, and a circuit board from Leo Bodnar.


Q: Will these pedals be compatible with the Xbox 360/Xbox One and Playstation 3/PS4?

A: No. These pedals are PC compatible only. 


Q: Which sims/games are these pedals compatible with?

A: These pedals are compatible with all sim/games that allow for a custom controller to be used.


Q: Do you ship world wide?

A: Yes! Keep in mind, though, that shipping overseas can be expensive.


Q: When can I pre-order a set of these pedals?

A: All pedal sets are first come-first serve


Q: Why are you only making 42 per batch?

A: There are many factors that determine how many we can produce at one time. The main reason we are limiting the batches to small numbers is the fact that we are a very small company, and we have limited man-power. It's basically just myself designing, building, and testing each pedal set before it goes out the door. If demand is high enough, we'll eventually hire extra staff to help out.