We're taking a Short break!!

First off, welcome to the new site!! We know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but we're taking a short break from making pedal sets. This break won't last long, so expect to see us come back stronger than ever ;-) 



PT-1 Pedal Set



Check out the reviews BELOW! 


Barry Rowland from SimRacingGarage put together a fantastic review of our batch 1 pedals. This was the very first set of completed pedals ever seen by the public. Barry has been known for his outstanding and comprehensive reviews. When it comes to being thorough, it's hard to beat this guy!

James West from GamerMuscle contacted me several times wanting to do a review on our pedal set. I finally got the chance to send him a set and he put together one of the best reviews I've seen! James is real character, and his videos are always entertaining. Check out his channel for more awesome sim related stuff!

Shawn Cole from TheSimPit was one of the first community members to get a set of our pedals. His review is absolutely top notch. Shawn was gracious enough to agree to review our pedal set back when we had little to no exposure. A HUGE thanks to mr. Cole for his awesome review!

He also did a follow-up review after some time with the PT-1's.The pedals seem to be rock solid after quite some time in his sim rig! Check out the follow-up below